Smartphones & Tablets – The Basics

Smartphones & Tablets

This course is designed for members either new to using a smartphone or tablet or wanting to know something specific.  Bring along your fully charged device.  This session is taken in small groups to ensure you get the individual help you require.

Some of the things that can be covered are:

  • Understanding your device’s layout and icons
  • Home screens and the importance of security
  • Making the screen easier to read
  • Add, edit and delete contact names, phone numbers and email addresses
  • Making and receiving phone calls, texts and emails
  • Understanding and using many settings options, e.g. flight mode, wifi, bluetooth etc.
  • Creating folders
  • Using assistive touch and the control centre
  • The basics of the camera and the gallery
  • Using the calendar, notes and reminders
  • Plus any other help you may need, just ask we are happy to help