Spreadsheets Using Excel

Microsoft Excel is a program that provides worksheets, also called spreadsheets, comprised of rows & columns. This course is designed for people new to Excel, or who want to refresh their skills. To get the most out of this course you should already have at least the computer skills outlined in the Basic Computer Skills course.

Excel is useful for:

  • Managing daily budgets- track your spending
  • Creating contact lists
  • Shopping lists
  • Plus much more

This course covers:

  • The Excel window & ribbon
  • Working with sheets & workbooks
  • Selecting & formatting Cells, columns & rows
  • Entering text, numbers & formulas (calculations) in cells
  • Rules for formulas
  • Inserting rows, columns & sheets
  • Filtering & Sorting data
  • Creating a basic chart
  • Saving files
  • Page setup & printing