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SeniorNet courses are based on personal computers that have Microsoft operating systems i.e. Windows 7 and Windows 10. We also have courses available about tablets. To get the full benefit from your courses you should have a computer at home on which to practise and apply your new skills.

Classes are held from 9.30 - 11.30, or 1.00 - 3.00. Classes will be filled on a first come first served basis, and you will be contacted by the tutor advising you of the time and date your class will begin.

We have a range of single lesson mini courses which enhance general computer skills or courses already already completed. Dates and times of these courses will be advised to members by email, or through our newsletter, or will be put into your course calendar.

Email us here ( for a course schedule.

Course List

Below is an outline of all our courses.

Welcome to Computing: 2 Weeks (Free)
An elementary course to introduce new members to computers, using Windows 7, and Windows 8.1

Microsoft Word 2010 (word processing: 4 weeks ($20.00 each course)
There are four courses at different levels, the first teaches general skills that can be applied to letters, e-mails and notices. Continuing with more advanced features of Microsoft Word.

Email: 4 Weeks ($20.00)
E-mail involves sending and receiving E-mails. This course requires skill learnt in Microsoft Word. We use Outlook Express and Outlook 2010.

Introduction to E-mail using Windows Live Mail: 2 Weeks ($10.00)

Sending Pictures by E-mail: 1 Week ($5.00)
Learn how to insert pictures or documents into an email.

Introducton to the Internet: 4 Weeks ($20.00)
Internet Explorer, browsing websites, you can obtain information worldwide.

Getting Started with the Internet and Internet Explorer 8: 2 Weeks ($10.00)

Files, Folders and Flash Drive: 3 Weeks ($15.00)
Creating, deleting and copying files and folders. Also Finding and renaming files and folders.

Digital Photography: 4 Weeks ($20.00)
Getting to know your digital camera. Learn how to take great pictures and to use Picasa to organize, edit, print, share and e-mail your photos.

Publisher with Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010: 4 Weeks ($20.00 each course)
There are two courses for Publisher 2010. Learn how to create, design and produce flyers. Newsletters and catalogues.

Powerpoint: 4 Weeks ($20.00 for each course)
There are two courses for PowerPoint. 2010. Learn how to create, design and use a presentation.

Excel with Microsoft Office 2010: 4 Weeks ($20 for each course).
There are 4 courses for Excel, starting with beginners going to the more advanced. Learn how to create a, design and use a spreadsheet.

Introduction to Windows 7: 4 weeks ($20.00).
Learn how to use Windows 7.

Photo Editing: 2 Weeks ($10.00)
Learn how to transfer your images to your computer and how to improve them using Picasa.

Getting Started with Apple MacIntosh: 4 Weeks ($20.00)
An introduction to using Apple Macintosh OSX.

Microsoft Word for Apple Macintosh Computers: 4 Weeks ($20.00)
How to use Microsoft Word using an Apple Macintosh computer.

Managing MS Word 2010: 2 Weeks ($10.00)
How to manage MS Word.

E-mail with Apple Macintosh: 4 Weeks ($20.00)

Basic Skills Refresher Course: 2 Weeks ($10.00)
Brush up on some of your basic skills that may hve become a little rusty.

iPad 2: 2 Weeks ($10.00)
A basic introduction on how to use an iPad.

Windows 10 : 3 Weeks ($15.00)
Learn how to use Windows 10.